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Yeah! With music and engines scream’N, you pick your car, driver and weapons, then slam it into gear. With world-famous race announcer Larry “Supermouth” Huffman at the mike and some of the greatest Rock N’ Roll music of all time setting the tone, it’s time for the line! Using laser cannons, cluster bombs and super boosters to annihilate your competition, your racing skills are pitted against a truly gruesome field of lead-footed crazies as you race to different planets. Better yet, with each checked flag your pile of cash grows and so does your buying power! More weapons! More engines! More armor! So back off wimps, this race ain’t for no Sunday drivers!

Category: Racing

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  • Alucard

    Guys, this is awesome!!! TY! If you could put in full screen it would be perfect!!

    • Inexistent Man

      To play in full screen, press ESC during game, and select “Go Full Screen”.

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  • chino

    para jugar en Inferno (cuyo anfitrión es J.B. Slash) el Password es: HMYR Q8Q5 5TY2.

  • peshobots

    si boludo lo mejor de una, te dejo unas fotos lindas de mis vecinos de acapulco